Hello Young Ones, Gobloni, and all other interested Web3 denizens,

The Truth Labs team would like to make the following two statements. These are points that we agreed upon unanimously as a team, and felt it wouldn’t hurt to say these things publicly and in a timely fashion.

First: We have all agreed not to sell any core Truth Labs NFT assets so long as we are on the Truth Labs team. This includes all IlluminatiNFT, 187, Goblintown, McGoblinburger, Believer’s Passes, Community Passes, and Seekers of Truth NFTs that we currently hold.

Second: On that note, any team members participating in the McGoblinburger baiting process will be doing so just before the close of the trapping process, so as not to sway choices made by the community that might affect rarity, trends, and so on.

Thank you for reading - we love that we’re building a reputation for making you do that. Thanks also for standing beside us as we build exciting new worlds and push new voices and ideas forward in this space.